Shadows, saints, and roadkill

and a pen for seeing
and a fractured conversation between insentients
and the hands that sing a Lakota blessing
and the cracked glaze calligraphy of an old bowl

Paredros graffitied on a wall
Shadows in fall

It's hard to take a photograph around here without a saint in it. They are never without a shadow, not necessarily their own, that appears to be casting the saint.

The effect is most noticeable in the fall: the halcyon days of any shadow, when instead of being cast by the light, a shadow casts the light through the prism of the object.

The object becomes a conduit rather than a barrier and everything changes.

Antlers hanging on a wall above a bonsai in a blue pot on a small antique cabinet
Two pair

Reading on a park bench elbows on knees a strip of sidewalk is framed by the top of a book and the brim of a hat. Through this strip pass two pair of shoes. One pair says to the other, "You should have seen the roadkill I saw today."

Colorful abstract image created with Deepdream
An introduction

This introduction is an admission of defeat and maybe cowardice: my intention is to make the site about nothing and i can't.

Outside any thing is what is about it, what it is about.
Perception assures meaning.

Maybe i just lack the audacity and skill to pull it off, but it seems to me that meaning is coincident with perception. I can't present anything on cowandsun without it having meaning: an about about it. Things resolve themselves into meaningful structures as though by some gravity whose force i can't predict or defy.

I leave it to its visitors to make of the site as little as they can.


Two portraits done by an itinerant artist when they were two failed harvests from being itinerant themselves.

Birdhouse hanging from a tree limb in front of a window Section of crackled glaze
Shadow in a cowboy hat on a shutter A section of architectural drawing of a stairway.